Could you benefit from a water softener?


Water softeners remove dissolved calcium and magnesium from your water. Removing these minerals has many benefits such as giving you cleaner hair and softer skin, extending the life and maintaining the efficiency of your water heater, allowing your clothes to become as clean as possible and keeping soap and scale buildup off shower walls and plumbing fixtures. Our favorite water softener uses a digital, on-demand control that measures when a given amount of water has been treated and only regenerates when needed, using as little salt and water as possible.


Testing Water Hardness

If we suspect that a customer may benefit from having a water softener, we will offer to test the mineral content or hardness as a courtesy. The Water Quality Association has set parameters regarding the level of the water hardness that constitutes soft water, moderately hard water or very hard water. These test results guide us in determining your water treatment needs.


Water Treatment and Filtration



Water treatment and filtration systems help remove contaminants from drinking water. Under-sink carbon filters, point-of-use carbon filters, and complete reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems all produce clean water.



There are many other filters with different purposes...

  • Whole house carbon filters take out chlorine.
  • Ultraviolet filters sterilize coliform bacteria.
  • Neutralizers can modify the pH of water to an acceptable level.

Copperhead has been supplying and installing a number of different water treatment systems, which are commercial grade quality and reasonably priced, to make your water quality the best it can be.