Fantastic Plumbers!.
I have been in business now personally for over 44 years. I have never experienced a plumbing company like Copperhead Plumbing. In the last two months we have replaced our old steam boiler with new hot water radiator boiler. (removing of our old steam boiler and all old steam pipes)
Hot water heater at work location and just now another water heater at our home. Copperhead takes their business seriously. They are neat and clean and clean up after every job, and the work is done perfectly. We needed them for weekend emergency repair work last week as well they are there and reliable. All their employees are kind and considerate.
Thank you Copperhead Plumbing!
— Al, Martinsville NJ

If you’re going to call for a plumber/ heater company you better call Copperhead in the Somerset area. They’re based out of Martinsville. I feel fortunate to have adopted them as my go to crew. Extremely personable and knowledgeable professionals. Right from the beginning Nancy answered my call with a smile(I could hear it). She made my problem seem priority the two times I needed their service. Mike toughed it out replacing my prv that’s on the outside of my condo during a freezing February day. Jim came through and knocked out a problem with our noisey pipes. The honesty and reliability of the staff for my situation was a breath of fresh air. Don’t hesitate to call them. If you think it’s going to be too pricey I can assure it will be worth every cent. Thanks Copperhead Plumbing, one less thing the wifey has to stress about phewww.
— Jerome, Bridgewater NJ

Our A/C compressor quit on the first night of a 94-degree heat wave. Left a message with Copperhead 10:30 at night and received a call first thing in the morning. A technician came out and replaced the compressor within two hours at a reasonable price. When I called the owner later to thank him, he said that they anticipated a few extra calls because of the heat and it was no problem. If you want to deal with a company that’s owner-operated by someone who really cares about his customers, Copperhead is who to call.
— Art, Bridgewater, NJ

My boiler stopped working one cold morning this September. Called Copperhead to help get the heat on. This guys were busy but after a cancellation by another customer they sent a technician over to diagnose the problem the same day. These guys really know there stuff. They found a circuit board on the boiler was hit by a power surge. Board was replaced, and the system was up an running with the heat back on. I will recommend Copperhead to neighbors and family for all plumbing work. thanks Copperhead team!
— Ray, Bridgewater NJ

I discovered that my heat didn’t seem to be working at 8:00AM. I panicked because I had to be at work at 9:00am and who would possibly be able to help me quickly! So I googled Heating and Plumbing business in my area and Copperhead was the first one I came across. I called them, Nancy (sweet as she could be - actually answered the phone) and she got Jim to come to my house at 10:15am!! And he repaired the problem immediately!!! That is service! I will never use anybody else! Great company!
— Marion, Bedminster NJ

Nancy was very helpful in making the appointment. Mike and Ben were professional and efficient. Would definately recommend and use them again.
— Shelly, Piscataway NJ
Company is extremely punctual and professional. If they have an early opening they will call and ask if you want them earlier. Joe our tech was very patient with all my questions and very knowledgeable, very nice disposition. When you call they will give you a quote over phone & email, very happy with copperhead plumbing.
— Angie's List, 5/12/2016

In the peak cold, our furnace ignition stopped. Copperhead responded within hours and were able to fix the issue in time. They explained properly what went wrong and gave other general guidelines for the condition of the furnace. They got the exact parts from outside instead of approximate fits from their van toolbox. Very professional experience right from call handing to actual fixing of issue.
— Angie's List, 12/28/17

Nick was on time, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The job was done in a timely manner. Will Definitely use Copperhead Plumbing again.
— Angie's List, 7/26/2017
I would absolutely use them again.
— Angie's List, 6/14/2017

Fantastic experience!!!
I had a big box place tell me it would cost me close to $2000 to fix my A/C forced air system. It was an old system so I was prepared to buy a new full AC/Furnace unit for my condo. I called Copperhead and the owner came to me after hours to look things over. He quoted me a guestimate of around $750 and explained what they were going to do & what testing they would be doing as it progressed so that if there was something more serious going on, they would stop. Well, not only did they do everything they told me, they also fixed a very minor gas leak from a pipe to my hot water heater. All of that and it came in UNDER $700. The system has been working great for over a month now and I couldn’t be happier!!! They were very fair, and very professional, and I would not hesitate to use them again!!!
— Rob, Bridgewater NJ

Joe was amazing! Punctual, courteous, took the time to explain everything, left my place spotless &
offered advice & counsel on how to keep my home in top working order!
— Angie's List, 1/4/2017

Nick came out and did the annual service and replaced float air vent. Then he put a great amount of effort into getting the air purged out of the system. He answered all the questions I had about about the system. In the end everything works great and the system is as quiet as it has ever been since I lived in the house (no air in hot water pipes). Thanks for your persistence Nick. Price was reasonable as well.
— Angie's List, 11/19/2017

Tom is fantastic! He has done work for us before. Extremely professional, punctual, prompt and knowledgable. Highly ‘recommend’
— Angie's List, 5/5/2016
Joe was on time, courteous and knowledgable; he gave us options for resolving our problems and listed the pros and cons of each. He was observant, noticing safety issues and giving us a heads up re; future repairs.
— Angie's List, 5/2/2016

I absolutely hate attempting plumbing projects myself so I’ve had Copperhead Plumbing to my house several times for different tasks including repairing a leaking toilet, installing a kitchen sink and garbage disposal, installing a shutoff valve for a spigot, and replacing a toilet. They have provided excellent service and their plumbers are professional, knowledgeable, clean and happy to explain what is going on. They can usually get you on the schedule for a non-emergency within 1-2 weeks, sometimes sooner (thankfully I haven’t had any emergencies yet). They are typically very punctual and always call if they think they may be early or late.
Prices seem to be comparable with other local plumbers and they try and save you a little money if possible (i.e. they recommended that I purchase a new toilet myself to avoid having to pay their markup, they fixed another toilet using a spare piece we already had in the house).
The woman who answers the phone at their office is friendly and helpful and can provide good plumbing advice in a pinch.
I would definitely recommend their service for anyone looking for a reliable local plumber.
— Michelle, Somerville NJ

All went very good. Tom arrived on time and performed all work needing done. In fact he made time to do the kit and valve so that he would not have to return and charge fo a second service call. While the issue in the shower was not a plumbing issue he was able to refer me to a local renovation contractor who is going to regrout and replace some tiles This was not the first time I have used Copperhead; they are my go to plumbing contractor in Somerset County. They work with you to arrange convenient and timely appointments, arrive on time, do the job in a professional manner, and clean up after the job is completed. These folks are real pros. I have heard comments that they are more expensive than some others in the area. I haven’t found that. You get what you pay for.
— John, Martinsville NJ

Had a problem with my gas boiler NOT turning on when heat was needed...... Completely dreaded the service appt thinking it would be a cost that would be astronomical. Please understand that prior to contacting Copperhead I had a not so good experience with another plumbing and heating company so I was bracing for the worst. Anyhow Jim stopped by and did his assessment and discovered some loose connections and also did some other troubleshooting and that was it!! Good to go now. Jim also educated me on my system and how it works and so forth.

Great company and great employees..... Very relieved now

Thanx Jim and Copperhead
— Scott, Bridgewater NJ

Very punctual and plumber explained everything they did and related it to code enforcement. Very professional and had a notebook of set prices for specific services so it was standardized. I appreciated and also got a 1st time discount.
— Angie's List, 1/15/2018

We had an above ground oil tank connected to a very old furnace with a crack in the heat exchanger. The ductwork for central forced air heating and cooling was already in place so I was confused as to why I was getting such high quotes for what seemed like just installing a new albeit top of the line furnace. Tom came in and gave a similar quote, which while definitely not cheap, was in the range of $500 less than the others I was receiving for the same work on an apples to apples scale. However, what set him apart was the ease in which he explained why the scope of work was much bigger than I had anticipated. Given the competitive bid and the knowledge, and the fact that they used American Standard furnaces which consumer reports had ranked as their number one choice of gas furnace, I felt comfortable moving forward with the entire Copperhead crew. Cathy was a pleasure to deal with and she took care of all the permits and helped arrange my rebate from the NJ Clean Energy Program for installing an energy efficient gas furnace. The scheduling was prompt and the work was done by Joe and his team in a very clean and efficient manner. I will be using Copperhead again for all other plumbing work needed in my house and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting their project done correctly at a competitive value price.
— Angie's List, 4/5/2016

Very happy with the service I received. They came same day and explained all of the work that needed to be done and the price. Very reasonable. I will definitely use them in the future.
— Angie's List, 3/30/2016
Seasonal service for many years. Replaced water heater recently and fixed leaky toilet. Always accommodating and professional. Will only use best quality materials. Honest to a fault.
— Angie's List, 3/10/2016

Tom, the owner of Copperhead Plumbing, arrived even earlier than scheduled, but called first to make sure it was convenient for us. Tom is professional, personable & goes out of his way to accommodate your needs. Have used this company for 18+ years!
— Lou, Basking Ridge NJ
Copperhead Plumbing came to my rescue! Cathy was great in getting Tom out to my home the same day that I called with my problem. Tom diagnosed the problem (a busted water heater) and came back to install a new one the next morning. He was so professional and helpful it really took some of the sting out of having water damage in my the basement. This is the second time I’ve used Copperhead since moving into the area and I couldn’t be more pleased.
— S.W, Somerset NJ

Jim was our service tech and he came to check out our heating system as two of the radiators weren’t functioning properly. We have a hot water boiler system. Jim looked at the radiator in our spare bedroom, which hadn’t worked in the 2+ years since we bought the house, and the one in the kitchen that was only working at about 10% of last year’s performance. He turned a few valves, and our heat was back in action. Your (justified) initial reaction might be “couldn’t this moron have just done it himself?” but I had TWO other professionals (one plumber, one HVAC) look at the bedroom radiator with no solutions offered. Jim could easily have bamboozled us and charged us hundreds of dollars unnecessarily, but he was honest with us and did only what was necessary. It is really, really impressive to feel like you can trust a plumbing service even though you don’t know them personally. Thanks to Jim and to Copperhead. Highly, highly recommended.
— Mark, Raritan NJ

Service went well, and they were able to come right out and fix the water heater so we could have hot water again! Would definitely hire again.
— Angie's List, 10/9/2017
On time, very personable, very professional. Solved my immediate problem, then fixed an additional issue.
— Angies's List, 10/24/2017

After having a very bad experience with another plumbing company (G.M.), I contacted Copperhead in Bridgewater. A lady named Nancy personally answered my call on the first ring. She was friendly and upbeat. I knew right away this was the company I wanted to be “MY” plumber. She set me up with an appointment immediately without any problem, Mike came to my home right on time, fixed my problem quickly without a hitch. Left the area clean and tidy. I will tell everyone I know about this wonderful gem of a company.
— Dorothy, Basking Ridge NJ

FANTASTIC! They responded right away. A worry that we had that there would be a costly digging up of the pipes in our slab foundation were quickly relieved. He diagnosed the problem very quickly and narrowed the problem down to the four items mentioned above and the lesser of the three was given to us free. The cost was very reasonable. We will definitely use them again.
— Mary, Somerset NJ

Arrived on time and installed the water heater. Very professional and thorough identifying any concerns and making adjustments . Example, plumber notice the concrete floor behind the existing water heater (in my basement) was cracked. He suggested to put the new water heater just far enough away from the cracks so the new water heater would be level and away from the concrete cracks. Also, he verified the zoning requirements to confirm I really needed an expansion tank. I’ve used this company once before. I really like them. They are on time, professional, knowledgeable, and watch your pocketbook. Everything is explained upfront. They are there to do the job and their pricing is really competitive especially for what they provide. I highly recommend them.
— Elizabeth, Warren NJ

The experience was great! When I called I was told that they could send someone over in 45 minutes and they arrived on time! The plumber’s name was Tom who I later found out was the owner of the company. He was polite, clean, organized and approachable. Before he started the service he looked at the clogged drain and pipes to diagnosed the problem. He let me know the options to fix the clog and the pros and the cons of both options and how much it would cost. I asked that he used the manual snake to unclog the drain. He spread a clean drop cloth in my kitchen and placed his tools on it. It was the cleanest plumbing job I’ve ever had and I feel like he respected my kitchen. The sink pipes were old and thin so the manual snake pierced it and made a hole. He replaced the pipes at no extra charge. He told me that the connection for the dishwasher was in the wrong place and could cause drainage problems. I appreciate that he not only told me about the issue, he also rerouted the connection so that it would drain properly. After he was done he cleaned up after himself and left the area spotless. I really appreciated the service and would definately use them again in the future. I have already mentioned him to friends. It’s very rare that you can find a polite, humble person who does a great job! I doubt that anyone who uses this company would be disappointed!
— Daren, Plainfield NJ

I just joined Angies list and wanted to also write a review for Copperhead Plumbing. They have installed a new boiler heater, hot water heater, plumbing work for new bathroom. outside faucet, inside kitchen sink faucet and plumbing, re-routed a dryer vent. These people go above and beyond the call of duty. They are reliable, professional and reasonably priced. I would never use anyone else.
— Debra, Bound Brook NJ
The service that was provided by Copperhead Plumbing & Heating Company in a workman like manner. It was very professionally done. I would not hesitate one moment to recommend them. I would use them again in the future if required.
— Robert & Gloria, Bridgewater NJ

They are very prompt and responsive! Joe was excellent and he solved the issue in the kitchen sink and all the clogged underneath the wall. Reasonable price too!
— Lorna, Bridgewater NJ
I’ve been using CPH for 5 years. They’re always prompt, courteous and provide a great value with not only a great service but also great advice.
— Manuel, Branchburg NJ

My experience with Copperhead Plumbing and Heating could not have gone better. After finding them on Angie’s list, I called and left a message on their answer machine. That afternoon, they returned my call, and explained to me their water heater replacement process - including price, scope of the job, and when I could have the job done. Since my existing water heater was not leaking, I scheduled the job for the following week. On the date the work was scheduled, they showed up on time, were very friendly and professional and completed the work in a couple of hours. They thoroughly cleaned up the work site and hauled off the old water heater. Since then, I had them back in to install a chimney liner for proper venting of the water heater and was equally pleased with their pricing and quality of work on that job as well. I would highly recommend Copperhead to anyone and plan on continuing to use them as my “go to” plumbing and heating company.
— David, Bridgewater NJ

We have used Copperhead Plumbing many times, for jobs both large and small. Every time, no matter the size of the job, it is completed expertly, as scheduled and as quoted. They are professional, experienced, friendly and courteous. This starts with Cathy in the office and continues with the people that come to the house.
— Dexter, Bernardsville NJ

I think they did an excellent job. I would give them 5 stars there. I’ve had a lot of contractors in here and they are one of the few I can say that about. I would recommend Copperhead. They showed up on time, they did the work, they were efficient, they were priced reasonably, and they did great work. They were out quick. The guy was very professional, he definitely knew what he was doing. They had all the parts and stuff, they were prepared. They did the job quickly and it was done very well. They were priced reasonably. They weren’t the cheapest but I don’t mind paying when you get some work done.
— Stefanie, Bridgewater NJ

These guys are the people to call for real! Thank you Nancy, Mike and Jim(the man) for helping this confused customer. I give you 10/10.
— Jerome, Bridgewater NJ

It has been months and months since Copperhead was here and I’m still happy with their work.
I found Copperhead stickers on the plumbing in my “new” house (new to me, anyway), and after a failed relationship with another plumber was eager to give them a try. Tom and everyone else who came out from Copperhead to quote and work on the jobs were fantastic. They’re prompt, and make efforts to work with your schedule.
All in all, they replaced our old exterior spigots with new “freeze-proof” spigots, redid all the plumbing in my laundry room, and even worked with me to redo the drainage and dryer exhausts in the laundry room to accommodate new cabinets. The work they did will probably last longer than the house, it’s tight, clean and extremely well done.
I’m proud to recommend this plumbing company to ANYONE and EVERYONE.
— Michael, Warren NJ