Professional Installation

When equipment is in need of replacement, Copperhead Plumbing and Heating can supply and install new energy-efficient systems, which may save 10-20% on gas bills during the winter and 40-50% on electric bills in the summer. Today’s Air Conditioning / HVAC Systems are more quiet, efficient and comfortable.

American Standard is a leader in HVAC equipment

American Standard is our first choice for customers replacing their central AC and forced hot air heating systems. American Standard continually ranks in the top of consumer reviews and has the lowest frequency of repairs needed. Our objective is to install systems which have good reliability, longevity and value. We have been an American Standard Dealer for close to 10 years. American Standard equipment is manufactured in Trenton, NJ, and in Texas.


Nexia: Smart Thermostats

Take control of your home's heating, cooling, and energy usage. Copperhead installs American Standard Nexia thermostats, which link with your cellphone and allow you to control the temperature in your home remotely. Nexia's thermostats have colorful touchscreen displays, connect with the wi-fi in your home to bring you the local 5-day weather forecast & radar, enable you to create up to six daily heating and cooling schedules, and much more. Not only does Nexia have the ability to control your home comfort, but there are many other products that it is compatible with, which offer services such as home security and surveillance, lighting, electrical, garage doors, and much more.

Air Conditioning Repair

Central air is now common in most residential homes. These systems are complicated and require accurate troubleshooting to repair properly. Air conditioning systems can also be energy hogs and suffer unnecessary breakdowns when not maintained. Copperhead Plumbing and Heating installs, maintains, and repairs air conditioning systems.

Routine service

If you are looking to minimize the possibility of excess air conditioning energy usage, condensate drain backups, premature compressor failure, outdoor fan failure or indoor blower motor failure, then our Service Agreement may be the solution for you. Copperhead’s Air Conditioning service agreement delivers preventative maintenance checks and entitles the customer to discounts when service is required.

Air Quality and Filtration


Are you concerned about air quality? According to the EPA, the typical US citizen spends 90% of their time indoors! Indoor air quality is a major concern. Our New Jersey air conditioning experts have serviced, repaired and installed hundreds of filters and humidifiers over the years. The American Standard Accuclean  whole home air filtration systems we install are 100 times more effective than a standard 1” disposable filter. Accuclean filters will even remove airborne viruses! 

Consider having Copperhead install newer, more efficient, more reliable air conditioning equipment. It may benefit your health, the environment, and save you money.