Worried About Your Water?

Our office can test water hardness, chlorine, pH and total dissolved solids in parts per million. Hard water is water saturated with minerals, which cause all kinds of problems such as soap curd forming on tiles, laundry soap not dissolving and cleaning, water heaters liming up, glasses not coming out clean in dishwashers, and hair and skin not getting clean. Water softeners remove these mineral ions and greatly improve the quality of the water. Chlorine in city water can be greatly reduced by a whole house carbon filter system or a point of use R.O. drinking water system. Well water is more likely to have pH problems. When water is acidic, green stains occur along with pinholes from the pipes corroding from the inside out. Neutralizers are highly effective but must be serviced annually to replace the dissolved media. Resting for total dissolved solids is a way to check an R.O. membrane. The membrane should reject 90% of the dissolved solids or more. Well water can be tested for coliforms by the local municipality usually at no cost. Fecal coliforms cause havoc on the digestive system. If present, a special filter with an ultraviolet light can be used to sterilize them. Nowadays, all well water must by law undergo a thorough test for numerous volatile organic contaminants at the time a house is sold. This must be done by a private certified lab.